Tomorrow’s Great Energy Center for the Eastern Gulf of Mexico is an economic development initiative of the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.

Evonik Industries 2015 Manufacturer of the Year 

The Mobile Area Chamber’s 2015 Manufacturer of the Year, Evonik Industries, earned the award for a decade of unprecedented growth. Since 2005, Evonik has expanded 11 times, creating 114 jobs and investing approximately $378 million in its Mobile facility. The latest is a co-location investment with Bayer CropScience, announced in July 2015.

Mitternight Inc. 2014 Manufacturer of the Year

Growing sales coupled with investments in technology and operational processes helped Mitternight Inc. earn the Mobile Area Chamber’s Manufacturer of the Year award. From its simple beginnings in 1927 as a boiler repair shop to its present status as a recognized manufacturer of vessels for the chemical, petroleum and other sectors for Fortune 500 customers, the company is also an industry leader in design, engineering and welding.

BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards Alabama – 2013 Manufacturer of the Year

BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards Alabama has doubled its workforce since taking over the Mobile River shipyard three years ago; and announced plans to hire another 150 employees by mid-2014. There are approximately 1,000 employees locally, 37,000 nationally and 88,000 globally with BAE Systems. The London-based entity has operations in Australia, India, Saudi Arabia,  United Kingdom and the United States, and its Mobile operation is the Mobile Area Chamber’s Manufacturer of the Year.

Lenzing Fibers Expansion Increases North-American Production – 2012 Manufacturer of the Year

What’s been described as a small, silky cloud of air is having a big impact locally. Lenzing Fibers in Axis produces 30,000 tons of Lyocell, a cellulose fiber marketed as Tencel and used in clothing and other textile applications as well as personal, industrial and critical care wipes. As a result of the increasing demand for this product, the company recently completed a $30 million  expansion, building capacity to 50,000 tons a year and adding 63 jobs in the process. The scope of this endeavor made Lenzing the obvious choice for the Mobile Area Chamber’s Manufacturer of the Year.

2011 Manufacturer of the Year: Berg Spiral Pipe

There’s been a lot of talk from industry advocates in support of natural gas – it’s clean, plentiful and widely used in heating, cooking and generating electricity. There’s only one way to transport it, and Mobile’s Berg Spiral Pipe is capitalizing on the nation’s demand for this resource by manufacturing large diameter spirally welded pipe in Mobile. Berg received the Mobile Area Chamber’s Manufacturer of the Year award for its success and investment in the community.

We’re overcoming oil spill with!
By Troy Wayman
Press-Register – October 2011

Report says faster offshore drilling permits would create 230,000 jobs

Press-Register – July 2011

Other impacts include companies that make and assemble pipelines for oil firms, said Steve Russell, a Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce official who spearheads Offshore Alabama, an effort to capture more oil jobs for southwest Alabama…

Gulf oil spill a learning experience, say BP executives

Press-Register – August 11, 2010

Steve Russell, a Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce official who has led an effort to bolster local drilling related companies and recruit new jobs, reiterated the chamber’s support of offshore drilling, including in areas of the eastern Gulf of Mexico, where Florida politicians oppose expansion.


Competing Gulf ports position themselves for drilling expansion – April 25, 2010

Mobile, Alabama has been working to position itself to take advantage of the eastern gulf’s resources.  Its chamber has been promoting the city with a program called Offshore Alabama.  “The campaign is mainly targeted at existing businesses,” said Steve Russell.  “Mobile’s role to play is the niche market,” Russell said.  “Geographically, we have the capability of serving the eastern Gulf of Mexico.”

Alabama businesses could benefit if Gulf of Mexico open for Drilling

April 1, 2010

Mobile’s Atlantic Marine, which repairs oil rigs, is also hoping for more work, said Herschel Vinyard, vice president of government affairs.  “Mobile is uniquely positioned to take advantage of offshore energy development in the eastern Gulf of Mexico,” he said.

DuPont Crop Protection Named 2010 Manufacturer of the Year

Learning about good bugs and bad ones is something many folks study in grade school. But the fact that a new Dupont developed insecticide can tell the difference and target only harmful pests is an example of science at its best. DuPont Crop Protection is the Mobile Area Chamber’s Manufacturer of the Year.